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Capital Fund Program Webinar

October 6-7

October 13-14

9 AM - 12 PM each day


Presented by: Naomi Byrne, NAHRO

1. Introduction and Overview
2. History of Progression of HUD Funded Modernization Programs
3. HUD Formula Allocation and Your Agency’s Funding Levels
4. CFP and the Agency Plan
a) Mission and Market
b) Developing a Plan for the Plan
c) One- and Five- Year CFP Plans
d) Plan Submission Requirements
e) Coordinating CFP with the Agency’s Goals and Objectives
f) Physical Needs Assessments
g) Management Needs Assessments
h) Asset Management and CFP
5. Program Regulation
a) 24 CFR 903
b) Relevant PIH Notices
c) Applicable HUD Handbooks
6. Eligible Activities
a) Administration
b) Operating Budget
c) Management and Improvements
d) Fees and Costs
e) Site and Dwelling Unit Improvements
f) Non-Dwelling Structures and Equipment
g) Collateral and Credit Enhancement/Debt Service
h) Relocation
7. Program and Reporting Requirements
a) Annual Performance Reports
b) Labor Standards Reporting
c) Section 3 Reporting
8. Budget Revisions and Functionality
9. Implementation of the CFP Program
a) Procurement Requirements
b) Program and Activity Planning
c) Managing Management Improvement and Professional Service Contracts
a. A/E Services
b. Other Professional Service Contracts
c. Management Improvement Contract
d) Managing Construction/Modernization Contracts
a. Basic Rules
b. Planning and Scheduling
c. Pre-Con Activities



Member Registration Fee: $499

Non-Member Registration Fee: $599

Registration Fee includes:

webinar access for 4 days and materials.

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