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Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Webinar

This two-hour online webinar will cover the background and requirements of EIV; basic requirements; EIV access; reports & forms; record retention; how reports are used and documenting resolution of discrepancies as well as review of common findings.


Workshop Agenda 

           11:00          EIV Background and Requirements

§  Why we use EIV

§  Origins of the system

§  Basic requirements

           11:30          EIV Access

§  Who is allowed access

§  Obtaining initial access

§  Coordinators versus users

§  Maintaining on going access

           11:45          Master File

§  Requirements for master file

§  Reports/forms

§  Record retention

§  Resources

           12:00          EIV Reports

§  Description of each report

§  How reports are used

§  Documenting resolution of discrepancies

§  Record retention requirements

§  Resources

           12:45          MOR Per

§  What to expect

§  Reports to gather

§  Review of findings

§  Resources

           11:00          End of Webinar

About the Trainer

Annie Stevenson, Nan McKay has over 20 years experience in welfare and public housing. Annie shares her expertise in may ways at NMA, serving as a trainer to thousands of housing authority staff every year; a technical researcer who analyzes and deciphers new HUD regulations; and as a technical writer, contributing to NMA Master Books, seminars and model policies. She recently spearheaded a complete overhaul of the NMA Model Administrative Plan and then NMA Model ACOP for the 2013 revision.

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EIV Webinar